Topic: Cellular Respiration (Grade 12)

Lesson 2 Activity - "Modeling Glycolysis" (T.V.O's Teacher's Guide to Cellular Respiration
                              video series, 1989) (25 min.)

In groups of 2, using your model of a glucose molecule from lesson 1 activity B called "ADP and Phosphorylation Model" and a molecular model kit, proceed through each of the steps of glycolysis and fermentation, making the necessary structural changes.  In each step note the molecules that are either donating or accepting atoms, the enzymes involved, and the change in free energy.  Also, try to describe the reactions that are taking place (especially the coupled reactions) (e.g. use terms like phosphorylation and reduction).

* When you are finished show your teacher what you have done and save your models for the lesson 3 activity called
   "Modelling the Krebs Cycle".

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